Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Girl Talk | Gold digging or Just looking for comfort?

A colleague at work narrated her weekend to me and she mentioned she had 2 dates. Out of curiosity, I asked if they’d be a second date for either and I got a negative response. She said the one guy was a teacher while the other guy was excited about a 50% sale at a Thrift store or in her words “one of those stores that sell used clothes.”
This got me thinking, not just because I sometimes buy things from thrift stores but also the fact that she will not be seeing either one of these guys because they were “broke”, or not as well off.
So my question is: Are all girls gold diggers one way or the other or how do we describe this.
I know we all want pretty things and guy that can afford them, but making this a priority is wrong.
Btw, My colleague earns $80k a year so why then does she still need a wealthy guy or one that doesn’t shop at a used clothes store?
Personally the only issue I have is that I’m Nigerian, and I know that black men have the biggest egos and they are not okay with their significant other earn more than they do. So for me if the guy I’m with is okay with that, then I will be fine.
What is your take on this?
Is my colleague a gold digger or is she just looking for comfort?
Yours Curiously,


  1. I think it's a bit radical directly going into using such a strong term like gold digger. Perhaps your colleague is attracted to ambitious who are as goal driven as her. Perhaps she could also be seeking for comfort and security as you mentioned. In the end though, I am positive that 'all' girls are not gold diggers and I speak for myself and most of the people I know :)

    xoxo Gozika

  2. I think she is a gold digger cos in the long run when serious life issues comes up she will be nowhere to be found.

  3. Anonymous, it's fair enough to think about it that way.

    yea gozika you're right, i dont think all girls are gold diggers either. We mostly just want security.


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