Monday, 24 June 2013

Fun Post| Riding a bike

Hi darlings,
Remember my Bandeau top?
I got bored on this not so faithful saturday and decided to go for a ride on my friend Janet's bike. 
It was super hot so i opted for a revealing outfit.
I was careful on the roads and i only rode when cars weren't coming. lol
I've been eating ALOT lately and not working out so i needed the work-out and i loved what i got. And of course i had tonnes and tonnes of sunscreen. 

What do you do when you are bored?

| Outfit details |

Sandals: Urban behaviour
Leggings: Sirens. See similar HERE
Top: A'Gaci
Hand pieces: A'gaci
Watch: Michael Kors




  1. aha, hottie sexy mama! these are the best pics 4 me so far. we could go on a bike ride together

  2. thanks Honey..
    yea perhaps we could, anonymous. but it's not something i do often

  3. u are beautiful n classy ..i like u cutE:*


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