Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to apply falsies

Things you would need

I usually use hair bonding glue as it holds better than other glues.
The lashes


1. Ensure lashes and eyelashes are make up/oil free

2. Place a drop of glue on foil sheet or a non stick surface.

3. Pick lashes up with your tweezers

4. Dip the knotted end into glue.

5. Start at the centre of the eyelid and apply lashes one at a time placing the lash on top of one of your lash.

6. Press gently and hold for a few seconds (count to 10)

7.Work towards the corner of eye until lashes blend.

8. Clean up any messes.

9. Complete your eye make up

10. You are done...Congratulations!!!

Here's a couple of pictures (ignore the colouring its the lashes that matter)

 After Falsies (no make up)
After falsies & Make up.

with love


  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog, i'm not sure if you followed but i've followed yours.
    Your eyelashes look so perfectly done and natural.


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