Saturday, 19 January 2013

My Braids (twists)

Waking up on a lazy day and throwing my twist into a high bun.
I'm rocking braids right now and loving it
I suffered for my braids, it took 7 whole hours to complete but it was so worth it.
This was me struggling to get my hair finished.

I made this hair as a protective style and since i was back in lagos, it would have been insane to come back without braids/twists. They cost cents back there.

I decided to make a video explaining how i care for my hair to make it an effective protective style.

Washing Steps:

1. Oil hair about 1hr before washing.
2. Put your hair in 6 buns
3. Let your shower run through your scalp till braids are dripping.
4. Make a shampoo & warm water mix in a 50:50 ratio.
5. Pour this mix slowly through each bun and massage your scalp (make a lather).
6. Rinse shampoo out completely.
7. Use a conditioner of your choice(preferably a moisturizing one). 
8. Make a mix as before and repeat steps. 
9. Put a shower cap over your hair (don't worry about getting the braids in) for 10 - 30mins. 
10. Rinse that off completely.
11. Towel dry the length of the braids only to prevent dripping.
12. Use your leave ins(just down the length of your real hair in your braids).
I use M&T's moisture enriched hair strengthener and moroccanoil to seal.
13. Apply mousse down the length of the hair. 
14. You can air dry or just blow dry on cool air. I usually blow dry.
15. When the hair is almost dry, spray your S curl all over your hair.
16. When completely dry, Oil scalp with your fav oil. I use my castor oil mix

Congratulations!! You're all done!! :)

I know it seems like a lot of steps but it's actually pretty easy and it's WORTH it.

with love from London,


  1. the how to wash braids part is really nice. I really could use it.
    Well done.


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