Friday, 5 July 2013


Hello Beauties!!!! 
You don’t want to know how busy my week has been. These pictures were taken on Monday and I’ve only had the time to upload them today.

So it was Canada day on Monday, My friends and I decided to spend the day at Joan’s bf house in Grand bend just by the beach. It was an amazing day of course and we had a lot of fun except when I got cold as I had just this dress on. I believe I had shorts on as well.
I opted for this super comfy Zara dress and not too comfy shoes.
My friends are used to me in heels so YES! I wore heels to the woods.
Sadly, My dress is SOLD OUT on zara. I got the last one at Eaton centre, i even had to get a medium.

We watched the sunset on the beach and it was an amazing sight, trying to capture these pictures stole my view time but I still did it just for you guys. We listened to the sweet melody of the country singers just before they got interrupted by the loud bangs of the fireworks.

Let me tell you guys the creepy part, I met a random guy that thought I looked so pretty and decided to take pictures of me using the sunset as the background. He had a really cool Nikon camera and I was trying to be friendly in the spirit of Canada day et al. He seemed nice and He said he’d send the pictures to me this weekend.  Should I be worried?

I hope you all had a great week. And even if you didn’t, it’s over now!!


Dress: Zara SOLD OUT
Shoes: A'gaci see similar HERE
Purse: Le Chateau
Ring: H&M
Watch: MK
Other accessories: A'gaci, forever21.




  1. Very cute dress! Love it! Just found your blog! Glad that I did!!

    xo, Kenya @ Kenya L Fashion Blog

  2. I love the dress, it is so cute on you.
    Watching the sunset always gives me joy

  3. The dress looks comfy,love it..i've noticed that most of these shoes in this style aren't very comfy. I know that "creepy guy" feeling but luckily i'm always the one with the camera so i just stack up the pics in a folder,lol

  4. Hey kenya, thank you and welcome to my blog. :-)

    Thanks kiki, it is!

    Modavracha I know they aren't but they're so cute and worth the pain. lol
    Funny enough i was with my camera too, i don't know why that happened.

    thanks for your comments ladies.

  5. preety lady, i love your style.. muchluv from am following you


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