Monday, 6 May 2013

Thoughts | focus on YOU

Hey guys,
Alot of you have been asking for new updates, I've been procrastinating and making up tonnes of excuses. The truth is...
Starting my blog, i didn't realize how large the blogging world was and the number of fashion blogs that exist. I was too busy thinking about why i was still blogging when there's a million other fashion blogs. 
What's the point? I said...
Focusing Hard on my poses last week at yoga and trying to relax, I found that the more i clear my  head and concentrate the better i did. Each time i looked at the person next to me i stubbled.
Still focused on my poses, i didn't relate this to real life at the point but i thought back a while later.
Why not focus on me, my blog, things that make me happy. Blogging makes me happy and even though i'm not a fan of following the crowd, i'd keep my focus on me.
I'd focus on just being relaxed and not look at others or what they're doing because that's when i fall.

Focus on YOU.
Because only YOU counts.

Hope you can relate this to your life, Get up & do what you enjoy.



  1. So true! Do you. That's the only way forward. Thanks for sharing that.
    Lovely dress too

    1. yea it is.
      thanks for stopping by cassandra.

  2. You're right, the blog world will swallow you up if you don't do it because you love it. You can't follow the crowd. Be who you are, work hard, and do what you love. Your greatness will stand out even if it takes some time!

    XO Kelley

    1. Yea i'm glad i could get back to it.

      Thanks for stopping by. x


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