Thursday, 23 May 2013

DIY | How to bleach your hair

Hi Guys,
I'm going to work you step by step through bleaching your hair. If i can do it, then you can too. It's super easy.

If you want to change your hair colour from left(1b) to right(blondish) follow the 8 steps below.

Step 1: Prep Hair

Comb through to ensure no tangles and lay hair flat on a sheet of aluminium foil(the regular ones from your kitchen).

Step 2. Get your products & tools ready.

- Bleach Powder
- Developer
- Bleach applicator brush
- Wide tooth comb
- A mixing bowl (do not use a bowl from your kitchen)
- Latex gloves

There are different types and colours of powders. The blue/purple won't make your hair blue or purple, The blue bleach helps take out the red/yellow/copper effect to help get a good blonde. I used the blue but you can use the white depending on the results you want.

Step 3: Mix the products.

Mix the developer and powder together in your bowl using the brush until you get a creamy look. You don't want it too watery to avoid dripping.
I ran out of powder.. poor planning. Get enough powder, you don't wan end up like me.

Step 4: Apply your mix onto the hair.

It's common sense at this point. Just be sure you get all the strands you wish to dye.

Step 5:  Roll it up

Just like the picture

Step 6: Wrap it in the foil.

Leave hair wrapped up for 15-20 mins
I'm such a peeper so i kept checking it out, so i left it on for 25mins. You can do that too.

Step 7: Wash

Be sure to rinse out all the dye from the hair. Apply a leave-in deep conditioner to restore moisture back into the hair. Any one would do, I used DPR-11 by elasta Qp.
Leave the conditioner on for 5-10 mins.
(I did this in such a hurry so no pictures)

Step 8: Dry

Pat it dry with an old tee, and air dry.

And this is going to be your end result. :) I ran out of bleach hence the few patches, you shouldn't have this problem.

Do you know that bleaching your hair makes it easier for the hair to retain different colours?

I hope you find these steps easy to follow. 


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