Sunday, 24 March 2013

Movie Review - A thousand words

I just recently saw this movie and i thought it was a beautiful movie. My interpretation is the importance of forgiveness, leaving it all behind and being able to forge on.
Forgiveness is hard to do and requires spiritual help from God.

Anyways on to the movie:

Jack McCall played by Eddie Murphy is a literary agent, arrogant, selfish but good at his job.
He set his sights on Dr Sinja, a spiritual yoga type leader who had just written a book.
Life becomes unglued for Jack after a mysterious tree appears in his back yard.
The tree was connected to Jack and each word he spoke made a leaf of the tree fall off.
Talkative Jack had to fig out a way to stop this or stop talking.

Just like asking me to not talk. uhh.. NOT HAPPENING!

I know it's not a very new movie but i enjoyed it and i thought it'd be nice to share it with you guys.


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