Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to prepare your skin for the warmer seasons

The weather is changing in most parts of the world, getting a little warmer as we enter bikini spring/summer season. Getting your skin prepped is a great way of looking good in the sun.

- Exfoliate
Get rid of all that dead skin gathered up in the winter. Have a nice warm bath using sea salt and your favourite bubble bath gel (sea salt aids exfoliation). Scrub off with exfoliating gloves.
Use an exfoliating cream like Lac-Hydrin afterwards(at night only). 

- Moisturize 
Before the summer heat kicks in, use a rich moisturizing lotion to keep your skin nice and soft. I find that mixing with shea butter works best on my skin. 
Drink lots of water!!!

- Right products for your skin type
I have oily skin, so i tend to use more oil free products especially on my face. 

- Stick to one line of products
Most products are made to work with each other, meaning they work best when used together. I use St Ives everything & I love it!



  1. love the beauty tip Jules, definitely agree on the exfoliating part. Most people just wash their face and pile on product that they think will help without realizing that you have to exfoliate all the dead skin off. And with Shea butter and drinking plenty of water you can never go wrong:)

    kisses, Sasha

    1. That is true. it won't work if you don't exfoliate.


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