Saturday, 23 February 2013

Make up must haves: Eyeliner

Do you have a go-to eyeliner? I'm never able to decide. I love testing out pencils, liquids and gel eyeliners. But lately i've been using Kajal(a traditional eyeliner, best for you water line). I love using Kajal because it's less messy, easy to use and it's the darkest black eyeliner.

But whichever you choose, using an eyeliner is an excellent way to make your eyes pop.
They are best for a subtle everyday look and for a dramatic night time look.

Use a white or nude eyeliner on your water line to make your eyes appear bigger. And nice colourful liners for a night out.

Hope you found this useful.



  1. i'm not a big make-up fan,my red lipstick is enough for me,but i use pencil eyeliners at times,mostly dark brown.. i don't have the patience for liquid ones,lol

    1. lol, i understand the frustration of liquid liners but once you have a hang of things you'd neve stop using it.


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