Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fashion blogger of the week ~ Ironyofashi

I present to you the beautiful Agatha Ashiofu.
A fashion blogger and my favourite of the week. 
She is a Nigerian beauty blogger who resides in Houston, Tx and is presently starting her youtube channel. Agatha is unique because she creates her own styles and tend to stand out with her outfits. She's down to earth, confident, friendly and has a lovable personality.

She created her blog "ironyofashi" in Oct 2011 and has been booming ever since.

I'd like to describe her style as elegant, colourful and bold.
She's mastered the act of colour blocking and wows me with it each time.

I've put together a few of my favourite ashi looks:

More of her? Visit her

with love


  1. awww thank you :) love it!

  2. Love her blog. Repping Naija!


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