Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lip Stick Dupe

Sleek: Left | MAC: Right
Candy yum yum is on the Left while Amped is on the right so you can directly compare the two

Hey Lovelies,

As promised in my Sleek post here, I did a comparison between Sleek’s Amped and MAC’s Candy yum yum.
ALOT of work was put into taking these pictures, I had to make sure I had the perfect lightening so I could show a true representation of the colours.
I applied both lip sticks with no lip liner or concealer. Just chap stick before applying them.
Anyways… I love the feel of the Amped, it’s soft, easy to apply and goes on smoothly.
MAC’s more matte and more intense. I felt empowered with the MAC, you know the va va voom feeling? I had that, if that makes any sense. But then again I’m one of those brain washed MAC girls.
Candy yum yum is scarce to find and It took me a while to find mine as it was sold out EVERYWHERE.
So yah, if you can’t get hold of MAC’s candy yum yum for whatever reason, Sleek’s Amped is a perfect dupe.
Buy Amped for $6.49 HERE.



  1. What a great dupe! I always think bright colored lipsticks looks cute on every body else but I'm never tempted to try them on me,lol. Both of them looks nice. ^_^

    1. You're so pretty, anything would look good on you

  2. i have so much love for pink lipsticks that i find it hard using other colors.


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