Wednesday, 13 February 2013

O.O.T.D|| White, Gold & a Pop of Nude

Hey everyone,
I had lunch with my friend and her family. And it was an awesome outing. And of course i had to take pictures.
Here's what i wore:


One purse, 3 ways

 Some white wine, because that's all i drink. 

The best way to rock white pants is to pair it with a white lose shirt and some coloured accesories.

How do you wear your white pants?

Bracelet: Vintage
necklace: Forever21
ring: Forever21

other items are listed in the video

with love,


  1. Wit white pants, I can wear almost anyfin! Loved d way u paired it wif white n nude, makes u look squeaky clean(lol).
    U look grt.

    1. yes, white pants are versatile.
      thanks girl. :-)

  2. dis is gorgeous!! really luv d combination!! i actuall dislike pants, buh with dis mind changed!!! NICE 1

  3. white on white always rocks. nice blog. please check ot mine

  4. lovely fresh look i like!

  5. thanks ladies. i'd be sure to check out your blogs


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