Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Things

Dear diary,
It's my favourite month of the year, mostly because i get a lot of new stuff this month since it's my birth month and because it is the beginning of summer. So i had some serious business in toronto and while i was at it i got myself some new things. I'm not putting everything up because they are all options for my birthday dress and i can't show it now.. lol
Here's a couple of the things i got. 


Sheer top: Urban Behaviour
It reminds me of one of the H&M Versace pieces and i would be pairing it with my leather leggings

Sandals: Early birthday present
Well my friend was kind enough to give me my gift early since he'd be out of town on my birthday.

Backward heeled shoes: Sirens

Leggings: Sirens
I had to find what to pair my sheer top with and this was the perfect match. 

Pants: Urban Behaviour

Scarves: Ardene

Shorts: Gap

Dark Green pants: H&M

~with love~

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